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A girl charged in a fatal drunken driving crash also had photos from her MySpace page downloaded by prosecutors, who used them in their pre-sentencing report. You lean to, working altogether??

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Course work also includes an extensive community mapping project that allows students to gain an intimate working knowledge of the community in which they will work. In this version, the answerer tells the questioners at the start of the game whether the subject is an animal, vegetable or mineral.

Yet teachers are seldom asked to study the language they teach or how its form carries its message. In the decline of civilization, communities do not go down by the same path by which they came up. He later visited Zoe and murdered her, framing Luther. When Luther tries to enact his revenge upon Reed, he involves Alice as his accomplice. Luther convinces Mark that he did not kill Zoe, and has him steal a bag of diamonds that Reed is hiding in his locker. Upon finding the diamonds missing, Reed panics and follows North; right into Luther's hands.

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After a brief struggle, Luther is stabbed, but Alice kills Reed with his own sawed-off shotgun. In Series Two , Alice has been placed in a mental institution. In S02E01 , Luther visits her and the two talk. Later, while walking outside, Luther stores a key card in a half eaten apple and throws it over the wall, where Alice finds it.

In S02E02 , Alice has escaped from the institution and visits Luther in his new apartment. She states that she is going to go to Mexico, but that is only the first stop.

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She tries to convince Luther to come with her, saying that his work with the police is killing him. However, he must remain in London and continue working for the police.

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She is briefly mentioned in S02E04 , when Luther threatens Baba by saying should anything happen to him or Jenny Jones , a friend of his Alice will kill her. She returned in the season finale of Series 3 when Luther was wrongly accused of arranging for DS Ripley to be murdered by a vigilante. After freeing him from police custody, she aided Luther in proving his innocence, as well as aiding in the vigilante's capture. She again makes her interest in a relationship with Luther clear. After again evading arrest she met up with Luther, and the episode ended as they debated what to do next.

During her appearance in the finale, she told Luther she had been living in Berlin, and even married, but later killed her husband, Bertrand, stating "I always wanted to be a widow.

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Series 4 is centered around her supposed death, an event which draws Luther "back from the brink" to continue working with the police. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This page contains spoilers! She received her Ph. Involvement Edit Alice first appears in S01E01 , in which the murder of her parents is investigated. Alice attempts to coerce Luther into fleeing the country with her.

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