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Opening hours are Wednesday pm, Saturday pm and by appointment. See you there! Athens Art Book Fair. The works in this exhibition needed to be made overnight, for luminosity to be measured, for grief to be observed, for electricity to be needed, for news to be printed, for fruits to ripen, for a thought to soften, for the tide to reach its lowest point, for the sea to be unable to be seen, for silence to be sculpture, for a flower to give its scent, for a decision to change, for a prediction to be made, for discovering oneself alive the next day. Like years ahead. In ecological terms also—closer to the end of the world, etc.

Things seem to age faster here, from being exposed to tropical atmospheres and the lack of seasons. A kind of experience where ordinary things take on an edge, but the strangeness of a place drives one into life. HP: In your work you seem to be interested in what evaporates, what intoxicates—scents, vapours, alcohol—in temperatures and climates. A materialist approach that takes into account the environment, the body, affects, the plasticity of nature.

Fiche technique

IT: I think of energies and of rhythms, of tempos and durations which flow through bodies, landscapes, and materials in a temporal topography. The short-lived, occasional, unconstrained, unrepeatable overlaps with the planetary, the ceaseless, the cyclical—like the turning seasons, day and night, the tides. These energies, intensities and magnitudes are bodies in fragile countermovements. Their fleeting substances and otherness, do not only materialize in a place, a landscape, but also in time or occasion, and it is always a matter of a shift ; to a less dominant position, to a less obvious point of view and the abolition of control and authorship.

HP: And yet you also introduce ideas such as seriality, modularity and repetition in your fluorescent light sculptural installations. At first glance these evoke minimalist and post-minimalist strategies however, where Dan Flavin for example extracts the aesthetic potential of ordinary hardware by inserting light tubes in the rarified context of fine art creating environments of everlasting luminosity, the lights you use are cast-offs. Slowly dying, — are they mostly from the s found in disused office buildings? Also, the objects you select are repeatable and manifold, serial and sundry.

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IT: I find the fluorescents, highly resistant, thriving in neglect in their original habitats. I take them apart and reassemble them without any further modifications. I like the banality of their shapes, how they carry this habitual worn-out-feeling of something near to the heart, and how they gradually turn into this natural phenomenon or crackling wildlife sound. I always remind myself that Dan Flavin was a trained meteorologist- when I am trading minimalism for a sentimentalist romantic genre and its recurring themes of love, loss, existence, death.

Post a sudden shock, I find that these themes continue to grow within a certain familiarity or with the need for a pattern embedded in them. Repetitions invite you to think of the repetitions to come in the future.

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The lights are default choices, their availability, their modularity, their standard, manufactured size; appearing in various iterations, they are both consistent and elusive. Accumulation becomes an affective process along with an underlying obsession, that keeps coming in high bursts like their voltage before expiration.


IT: The absolute could be enclosed within the last moments, the least amounts, the minimum values, short-lived affairs, between night and day, between public and private, between personal and social, between the fear of loss and the gift of loving, between reasonable thinking and passionate action. HP: When I visited your studio last fall I noticed this alluring portrait of Charlotte Posenenske from — she is standing coat in hand, wearing slacks that get slimmer at the bottom, a dark coloured turtleneck and she sports a pixie cut.

I curated an exhibition in pairing her work with that of contemporary artist Liz Deschenes and I can see the elective affinities in your attitudes towards objects. How do you connect to figures like Posenenske, also Ana Mendieta; there is a series of drawings in which you replicate her signature that becomes almost a motif on the surface of the paper. IT: I love this photograph. In the first case, she is not intending to stay long, she is in fact already somewhere else, her steel ducts changed to a blurry shape in the background.

Ideat France__Juillet-Ao_251_t_2017

I feel close with this idea she had of her objects, more than objects, witnesses of relationships. What drives your current series of self-portraits in commercial photography studios that you walk-in on any given day, an act which is deliberate but also a little unplanned, depending on where your everyday tasks take you.

Is it a way to unthread subjectivity, is it a mask? IT: The photographs stand somewhere between self and commissioned portraiture, both anticipated and unprepared, as I stand between first and third person, monologue and dialogue, fiction and autobiography. They started as confrontations with slippery entities—myself, time, the medium of photography itself, a certain history of female portraiture. The way these portraits are conducted, their pattern semi thought over, becomes very soothing like stepping on the fresh sand of a shore in the morning.

The content of this background, like weather, suspended and welded into me. Special hours June , open daily pm. This will be the closing event of her solo exhibition "Representation". The slide show starts at pm sharp. Last Spring, I made a long trip to the East. First I visited Thailand where my brother currently lives and works, I went to Cambodia to see the Angkor temples, then I passed on to Japan and crossed the country by train from South to North.

I made a list with references and destinations, the underlying theme being the Volcano, literally or metaphorically. For example, I highlighted the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok which houses the statue of the deity with the four faces that answers prayers and where a bomb exploded in killing and injuring many, the origami crane tribute at the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Usuki stone Buddhas carved from soft volcanic rock from nearby Mt. Aso, the sun rising from the Pacific, etc.

I compared and combined train and plane itineraries, google maps forecasts, tripadvisor tips, booking.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, In Byways of Scottish History, by Louis A. Barbé

Then I set out to test it. During my first trip to Japan, I had briefly met some people whom I befriended on Instagram. On my recent trip, I sometimes arrived to a place I had seen a post of earlier that day. Due to the very tight, almost impossible, schedule I had devised for myself on paper, I would often reach my destination after closing time, on the verge of darkness. In Kamakura, I only got to shoot an under-lit slide of the Great Buddha, his head protruding over the closed gate.

But having liked a proper image of the statue posted by someone I follow a few hours ago made me feel as if I had seen him myself. The word itself cannot be adequately rendered by any English word. These bundles make me think of a scene from Around the World in 80 Days when Passepartout jumps into the fire and rescues the Indian Princess whom they are about to burn alive together with her deceased husband. However, the other day I downloaded a pdf of the book and leafed through it. Representing something.

Its form is drawn from the physical world. Something direct is put in place in order for the indirect to emerge. A rendition, an abduction, a transfiguration? Cracking sounds, also. Dora Economou was born in Athens where she lives and works. She visits places, texts and materials she has had a relationship with, either literal or fictional, takes samples and builds them into three-dimensional objects. Sand fleas arrive from salt lake and most of the theatres close. For further information please contact us at wave radioathenes. The first issue, titled Love collects texts originating from antiquity to the mid 20th century.

Parallel to being a publication project, AM functions as a collaborative workshop for the production of objects. Petros Moris b. He is currently reading for a Phd at the Architectural Department of the University of Thessaly with a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation. Contemporary Art Fund Greece. It is the only book by Cornelia Vismann and Friedrich Kittler that started as a joint endeavor, even though it is composed of 5 essays, which are authored separately.

The conversation will be in Greek, German and English. Join us! At the Goethe-Institut library, Omirou 14, at 7pm. Patrick Langley is a writer who lives in London. He writes about art for frieze, Art Agenda, and other publications. He is a contributing editor at The White Review. Arkady is his first novel. Fitzcarraldo Editions is an independent publisher specializing in contemporary fiction and long-form essays.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Life of Joan of Arc (Contents), by Anatole France.

Founded in , it focuses on ambitious, imaginative and innovative writing, both in translation and in the English language. It is oblique, and bleak: it is never quite clear what has happened or is happening, what is it about our world that has finally broken or overflowed. Laura Preston, editor of Next Spring, will present the second issue in the series entitled "Athens, June 18" which focuses on the work of Marianne Christofides and includes an essay by Elena Parpa.

The discussion will be held in English. Selected publications include: Co-ed. Practices of Rehearsal in Fine Arts, Film. Alois Riegl in der Kunstkritik. She writes a. Her research relates to the performativity of the artwork, specifically sculpture at that cusp moment of modern art becoming post- to reconsider the nuanced relationships artists, mainly women, had with subjectivity and notions of difference.

Her writing has featured on artforum, in frieze, and in the Reading Room journal.