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The Rogue's Return, the next book in the series, features Simon St. Bride, an Englishman who has spent many years in Canada. Just as he is readying to finally return home, intent on marrying, Simon gets caught up in a duel. As a result, he feels obliged to Jane Otterburn, who remains disconcertingly tight-lipped on the subject of her past.

However, a joint goal soon puts Simon and Jane on the path to romance and mutual understanding. John Charles , again reviewing for Booklist, praised Beverley for her use of "a refreshingly different Regency setting" and dubbed the novel "one sublime romance. Bride, a spunky young woman who resents having been rescued by Darius "Dare" Debenham when a late-night adventure gets her into trouble. She finds a way to return the favor, however, when Dare appears as if from the dead, a year after having been reported among the casualties at the Battle of Waterloo.

Mara determines to help bring the man back to himself, despite his opium addiction and addled memories, and her sheer persistence helps to heal him and win her his heart. Booklist contributor John Charles remarked on Beverley's consistency, including "her usual beautifully nuanced characters and lyrical writing. In Lady Beware, the newest Viscount Darien, Horatio Cave, is determined to improve the reputation of his family, previously known for a series of scandals, violent behavior, and madness.

Horatio has distinguished himself in the military and hopes to capitalize on his actions once he has returned to London. One of his goals is to win the hand of a respectable bride, and he has his attentions turned toward Lady Thea Debenham, a very proper young woman. Despite her initial qualms about his scandalous nature, Thea finds Horatio attractive, and their chemistry is undeniable. But the real question is whether she can trust him—and whether her brother Dare, who was featured in the previous volume of the "Rogue" series, will allow her to get close enough to Horatio to come to her own conclusions.

But when Dare is accused of behaving cowardly at Waterloo, Horatio is in a position to clear his name, thereby making Dare, and by extension Thea, indebted to him. Lezlie Patterson, reviewing for State, dubbed the book "a delightful blend of wit, … intrigue, … and emotional victories.

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Of her many novels, Beverley's Georgian series about the aristocratic Malloren family that is set in mid-eighteenth century—or Georgian-period—England, has particularly caught the attention of readers. The fifth installment in the series, Devilish, offers readers "a lively backdrop of international intrigue," according to a Publishers Weekly reviewer.

The reviewer added that despite a disappointing subplot and a flat love story, the "large-scale appeal of Beverley's characters ensure a satisfying escape.

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Ramsdell praised Beverley's characterization, setting, writing style, and pace. She concluded that this "exquisitely sensual story is one that readers won't soon forget.

The "Malloren" novels continue with Winter Fire. The entire family is headed to Rothgar Abbey, but it is Genova Smith who finds herself in a predicament. Traveling with the Marquess of Ashart, attempting to force him to admit to fathering an abandoned baby she believes to be his, she finds herself agreeing to pretend to the existence of an engagement between them, a situation that naturally spins out of their control.

Kristin Ramsdell, writing for Library Journal, declared that "holiday fun, lively family interactions, and romance abound in this heartwarming tale. While carrying out his duties, Fitz meets and falls for Damaris Myddleton, who just happens to be an heiress and ward of sorts to Rothgar. Distracted by his feelings for Damaris, Fitz grows careless in guarding Ashart, and Damaris is nearly killed when an attempt is made on Ashart's life.

Damaris's near miss gives Fitz fresh resolve, and he sets out to find the man who put her life at risk. John Charles, again reviewing for Booklist, found this latest of Beverley's efforts to be "expertly laced with danger and skillfully sweetened with sensuality. Beverley has achieved acclaim in each of the three historical periods in which she writes. Her medieval historical romance, Lord of Midnight, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and a reviewer from the magazine called the author "arguably today's most skillful writer of intelligent historical romance.

Marry Me (Zebra Historical Romance)

In Lord of Midnight, Claire of Summerbourne grieves over her dead father, killed in a treasonous uprising against Henry I , and resents the man who has been given her family's estates. She consents to marry him, however, for the sake of her family. Instead of arguing with me, you should be thanking me.

You will be a duchess. Think of it. A duchess. Something in her face must have betrayed her thoughts, for her mother turned her full attention to her nineteen-year-old daughter. Must you always slouch? And you will agree. I cannot fathom your complete selfishness in this regard. You know your father would benefit immensely and yet you continue to resist this and all other attempts we have made to raise your position in society. Your position. This match is coveted by every mother—and daughter—here and in England.

It is what we have worked on, hoped for, prayed for. And you can sit there and whine to me because your childish heart has been foolishly given to a fortune hunter. He has had numerous affairs with several married women and it is common knowledge that he has been on the hunt for an heiress for years. And there is rumor of madness in the family. A second cousin or such. The best thing for her to do now was pretend to be an obedient daughter, even though her heart sang with a rebellion so strong she could hardly contain it. Then it is settled. Henry was the only man she would marry, and if the Duke of Bellingham came to Newport and asked to marry her she would simply decline.

For now, though, it would be better to appease her mother, to keep her secret safe in her heart. She would marry Henry, for he had asked and she had agreed. They had been bike riding in New York on Riverside Drive with her two best friends and their mothers, as well as Henry and two other young men. Say yes, my love. They spoke in hurried whispers, for the Cummings were leaving for Newport the very next day.

Yes, I will. When her mother arrived, they tried to stop smiling, but they were both so happy, Elizabeth knew her mother suspected something, if not the whole truth. Elizabeth hated it here, had been a virtual prisoner with her mother as the uncompromising warden.

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Her windows were so high, they let in light but little else. Everything would be fine. Once the wedding was done, her mother would have to forgive her. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around herself and walked to a small table where she kept her portable rosewood writing desk, and wondered if she could dare write a letter to Henry.

The footmen had been instructed not to allow her to leave the house, not even to walk around the beautiful grounds that swept down to the sea.

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A quiet knock she recognized as her governess drew her away from her tortured thoughts. Susan was one of her dearest friends, the person she trusted most in the world. She was the only one who knew Elizabeth was engaged, who knew she was deeply and forever in love with Henry.

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Not even her closest friend, Maggie, knew that. And no one had bothered to tell her. Her maid, the footmen who guarded the doors, even Susan may have given her sad looks, but no one had dared countermand her mother. A stack of letters. All burned. Just like that. She could not lose Susan, not now, not when she needed her more than ever.

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This is impossible. You know that. How can I reach you? Elizabeth paced frantically in her room, wondering if she could sneak out of the house during the night to meet with Henry. It was hopeless. Her body throbbed with impotent anger.