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It was cruising down the Beni River in central Bolivia that she decided it was time to trade in her blackberry for bicycles, and start her own active holiday operation. Sarah is passionate about the outdoors and is prepared to try most things When she get's leave from her laptop, you'll find her happiest on two wheels, or bundu-bashing a potential new route.

She will find any excuse for a 'route scouting' mission, and gets ultimate satisfaction from putting together distinctive adventures in unique destinations. Kath is an outdoor enthusiast who was fortunate enough to grow up in the beautiful KZN Midlands. With a background in environmental science and geography, Kath has travelled all around the world in pursuit of fun and adventure.

After graduating from Rhodes University in , Kath spent a few years working in the market research arena in Durban, and tackled a variety of other unique jobs including TV production and lecturing game ranch management. Through all of these completely unrelated fields, her work experience created a fondness for writing and photography. She progressively moved towards the full time freelance lifestyle, and now lives in the chilled out town of Howick, a hop and a skip from her local rock climbing crag and hundreds of kilometres of forested bike riding.

Kath can write just about anything from a recipe to an education manual , but her knack lies in being able to craft writing suitable for a variety of media, which is what she does for us.

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At Active Escapes, Kath works on a part-time basis to help create a plethora of marketing material. However, when she's not smashing herself up on the Down Hill track; she's quite into music, art and food too; elements of which you will find creeping up in our online resources. You can check out her own blog here.

Carlos hails from Barcelona, Spain. In the years since the previous film, she has become a muscled, ferocious warrior. After the death of Kyle Reese, Sarah takes his warnings and the responsibility of raising her son to heart. Her fixation on the disaster and her fanatical desire to keep John safe has made her mentally unstable and very violent, which is aggravated by her fear and hatred of the Model She lives off-grid to protect herself and John.

Sarah lived as an outlaw and tried to teach her son the skills he would need to lead the resistance. She is captured and sent to the institution after trying to blow up a computer factory. Several times at the hospital, she has tried to improve her behavior in hope of getting to see her son, but her caregivers do not believe her. Her activities and claims of fighting evil robots from the future led to her being deemed incurable. Sarah only seemed to confirm the judgment of psychiatrists by committing acts of violence against hospital staff.

She tries to escape multiple times; during her final escape attempt, Sarah encounters two Terminator models; the T Robert Patrick , a liquid metal android sent back to kill her son; and the Model Schwarzenegger that was sent back by John's future self Michael Edwards to protect them. When she initially encounters the Model , she flees in terror and is almost captured by the hospital staff, but she goes with the android.

They escape in a police car after knocking the driver unconscious. Sarah finds it nearly impossible to accept the Model is benevolent; throughout the film she remains hostile towards it. John develops a bond with it, resembling a father-son relationship.

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In the director's cut of the movie, Sarah has an opportunity to destroy the machine's CPU. She nearly does so but John persuades her they need its help. After having a nightmare about Judgment Day occurring, Sarah tries to murder Miles Dyson Joe Morton , a computer researcher who works at Cyberdyne Systems and is destined to build the microprocessor that will become Skynet. In doing this, she loses touch with her humanity, becoming similar to the Terminator itself. She finds she cannot kill Dyson in front of his family. Shortly afterwards, John and the Model arrive; they and Sarah persuade Dyson to stop his research and destroy all recovered remnants of the first Terminator.

After the T is defeated, the Model lets itself be destroyed with the help of Sarah despite John's protests. Sarah gains respect for the Model and offers her hand in friendship before its final sacrifice. Because of this event, Sarah looks to the future with renewed hope.

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She is an elderly grandmother and John is a Senator in a world in which Skynet was never able to start its war on humanity. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines , Sarah Connor has died from leukemia in after a three-year battle with the disease. She lived long enough to see the "Judgment Day" pass without incident, and was cremated in Mexico where her ashes were spread out to the sea. Never truly believing they had beaten Skynet, her friends stored a cache of weapons in a casket for John to find in the event that Judgment Day was not averted and the Terminators returned, in accordance with her will.

Linda Hamilton reprised her role as Sarah Connor in voiceovers warning of the future war, in the form of taped recordings for John Christian Bale delivered throughout Terminator Salvation. Willa Taylor, the daughter of the film's director Alan Taylor , has a brief role as Sarah's nine-year-old self. The story takes place in an alternate reality to the continuity of the first four films due to Skynet's Matt Smith actions throughout the timeline.

In the film, Skynet had sent a T Lee Byung-hun to an earlier point in Sarah's life, in , to kill her. Sarah is nine when her parents are killed by it during camping at Big Bear Lake.

Escape from Cubicle Nation podcast

Sarah is found and raised by a reprogrammed T Schwarzenegger sent by an unknown party to be her guardian after her escape. These events result in an altered timeline that erases the events of the earlier films. After the T's attack in , Sarah learns from Pops of her assailant's motive, her destiny as John Connor's Jason Clarke future mother, and the Resistance's war against Skynet. Over the next decade, Pops trains Sarah to handle weapons and prepare for her destiny. However, Sarah despises her destiny and wants the ability to choose how to live her life.

Because she was trained in combat since childhood, Sarah is not helpless by the time Kyle Reese Jai Courtney arrives to protect her in In addition, she is headstrong, assertive, and audacious. She is not dependent upon Kyle Reese, but rather is fighting alongside with him. Sarah initially resents her relationship with Kyle being dictated by fate, but she gradually falls in love with him. Sarah plans to time travel and destroy Skynet to prevent Judgment Day. Discovering the date of Skynet's initial attack has changed from to , Sarah and Kyle travel 33 years into the future to stop Skynet and their son John Connor, who had been compromised by Skynet and was changed into a cyborg known as the T After John's defeat and the prevention of Skynet from spreading to computer servers worldwide, Sarah, Kyle and Pops prepare to face an unknown future, unaware that Skynet is now self-aware in Cyberdyne's underground facility.

Hamilton reprises the part of Sarah Connor as the lead character in the film Terminator: Dark Fate , a direct sequel to Terminator 2. In this timeline, the rise of Skynet is averted, but it dispatched various other Terminators into the past prior to its erasure from history, with the result that John was killed by another T in Guatemala in Grieving and bitter, Sarah has spent the intervening decades hunting down other surviving Skynet-originated Terminators based on anonymous texts sent by an unknown figure that direct her to the time and place that they will arrive, allowing her to eliminate them before they can pose a threat.

In , the latest such message directs her to Daniella "Dani" Ramos, who is being protected from the newest Terminator, the Rev-9 , by Grace, a cybernetically enhanced soldier from a future where humanity has been decimated by a new A. While pleased to learn that she succeeded in destroying Skynet, Sarah is disgusted that humanity never learned and built Legion instead.

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  • GPS coordinates tattooed onto Grace are revealed to match the source of Sarah's texts, with the group's efforts to track this source revealing that it is the T that killed John. Having formed a family and developed a form of conscience after it completed its original mission, this Terminator- now known as 'Carl'- joins them to stop the Rev In a final confrontation in a hydroelectric dam, Rev-9 is destroyed but Carl and Grace are killed in the process.

    Now aware that Dani is destined to lead the Resistance in John's place after Legion arises, Sarah takes it upon herself to train Dani for her destiny, while remain fighting to avert Judgment Day despite the risks of manipulating the timelines. This version of Sarah is an alternate future version of her film series counterpart; her appearances in the first two Terminator films are considered part of this continuity. In November , 20th Century Fox announced that it would produce a television series called Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles featuring the adventures of the title character and her son in the years after Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

    Series creator Josh Friedman auditioned over actress for the role; he said he was looking for was someone "who embodied that spirit and who was believable in that role and not just some glammed up, Hollywood, actressy thing". After a friend recommended English actor Lena Headey for the role, Friedman watched her audition tape and thought she was "a tough, tough woman".