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Clay begins to cry, and Tony begins to drive them down the street. He tells Clay to stay with him while he listens to his tape.

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Clay hits play. Hannah says she never explicitly said to herself that Clay was the one for her. She just always wanted to know him better because everything she heard about him was good. At first, Hannah was in disbelief because she thought it was impossible for someone to be that good. The more she watched Clay, however, the more she realized that he was a genuinely kind person. The answer, Hannah reveals, is nothing at all.

Tony replies that Clay would have gone crazy if he never knew what really happened to Hannah, and Clay realizes that Tony is right. This is the night when she and Clay truly connected for the first and last time. Hannah decided to go to the party because she heard that Clay would also be there. Once she heard Clay was going, Hannah knew she also had to go.

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She decided to walk to the party because it was nice out. As she walked, Hannah felt hope for the first time in months. The night felt full of possibilities. Clay remembers feeling optimistic about this night as well. He forced himself out of the house that night because he was excited and ready for something new to happen. And even now, though he knows what happened between him and Hannah at the party, he still would have gone if given a second chance. Unfortunately for Hannah, the hopeful atmosphere of the night was the calm before the storm.

It started out well enough. She arrived at the party and almost immediately Clay came up to her. He told her that he felt as if they needed to talk, and Hannah wholeheartedly agreed. They moved into the living room and sat on one side of the couch. On the other side were Justin and Jessica, making out. Now, Clay realizes that Hannah really could never escape her past in Crestmont.

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Still, despite their surroundings, Hannah and Clay connected on that couch. During their conversation that spanned over numerous topics they discovered that the same things excited them, that the same things concerned them. Clay realized that he should have faced his fears of rejection and reached out to Hannah sooner, instead of thinking that he had no chance with her. Hannah realized that she should have talked to Clay sooner as well.

Eventually, Clay and Hannah decided to move because Jessica kept bumping into Hannah, perhaps on purpose. They found a quiet spot in the doorway of an empty room and stood there to talk. Despite the loneliness Hannah felt creeping back inside of her, Clay was able to make her laugh.

So Hannah kissed him. They moved into the empty room, closed the door behind them, laid on the bed, and kissed some more. As they kissed, Hannah began to see in her head all the people from her list. She began to remember the lies and rumors that were spread about her, and believed that by being in the room with Clay, she was justifying those lies. She told Clay to stop, and to leave her alone. At first Clay tried to speak to her, but Hannah began to scream into a pillow, and so he left her alone in the room. Clay blames himself for leaving Hannah alone. Earlier in the night he had apologized to her because he felt guilty that it took him so long to approach her.

Now, he feels guilty again for getting scared and leaving her when she obviously needed him.

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She realized she pushed Clay away, both that night and later on at school, because she was done after the party. After the party, she went home and began making her list and forming the connections that compose her story.

After the party, her mind was made up. Hannah bumps into a boy at the drug store one day, after the list came out. This boy grabbed Hannah in an inappropriate area.

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Clay sees where all of this happens once he gets to the drug store the second red star on the map. This chapter may not be as significant as the first chapter, but it does include a few important foreshadows. The first foreshadowing is when Hannah mentions that Jessica Davis looks upset after reading the list and then she glares at Hannah. After finding out why Jessica was upset, one wonders why Alex would want revenge upon Jessica.

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The answer to this question would be revealed later in the novel. Clay also discusses a car crash that happened one day. This car crash will be revisited later in the story, during a different tape. These two events are very important to the plot development throughout the rest of the book. This chapter is also important due to the introduction of the list, which impacts many different events. The first such event is described during this chapter, when Hannah is mistreated by a boy at the drug store. This boy would never have gone near Hannah if the list was not written.

Clay describes how he kept on playing spin the bottle until he could kiss this girl at one party. Ever since the appearance of the list, he has been fascinated in this girl. Meanwhile, 15a demonstrated slightly more active against erythromycin-susceptible strains and erythromycin-resistant strains comparable to telithromycin. Compared 15a with 15b, the former showed more potent against both erythromycin-susceptible strains and erythromycinresistant strains. Generally, the ketolides 15a, 15b seemed to be more active than acylides 19a—d against S. All the compounds synthesized showed improved activity against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus epidermidis.

These compounds exhibited similar activity against methicillin-susceptible strains as telithromycin, azithromycin and clarithromycin. Using 15a, 15b as leading compounds, other novel derivatives could be worked out.

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This study presents a considerable opportunity for the development of new macrolide antibiotics to combat the growing problem of MLS-resistance. References and notes 1. Denis, A.

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Or, Y. Zhanel, G. Drugs , 62, Tetrahedron , 62, Tanikawa, T. Misawa, Y. WO Patent , Lin, X. Hunziker, D. Delaforge, M.