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Sounds like fun, right? Have you ever heard of that? Finally, he takes the bait. I have a friend whose thing is sexy nuns. Another friend is into forced smoking during sex and blow jobs. I was held hostage by a sexy nun and forced to smoke cigarettes while I blew you. Actually, it was super hot. Chances are the person will care about getting you off and will get excited the more that you do. God bless humor. It can help you out of and into situations you might otherwise need a marriage counselor to navigate.

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I know a very submissive girl who was able to bring up wanting to wear a collar and bark like a puppy just by phrasing it the right way. No problem. She just pivoted. Oh my God, can you imagine? Consider memetic internet Rule No. No exceptions. Look to your childhood.

25. “Debra”

There will be clues. Or figure out another pop-culture peg you might actually like. Her eyes linger on Caspian before they land on me. Her gaze takes in my appearance appraisingly, dismisses me as unimportant, and goes back to rake over Caspian. Lord Archer gets up to stand next to the woman. Caspian is sprawling on the chair with his head resting comfortably on the back cushion. His expression gives nothing away. His fingertips make a lazy trail up and down my upper arm while his other hand is thrown possessively over my thigh.

She blinks and I watch her trying to quickly compose herself. Lord Archer continues with his introduction and I scrutinize her one more time before I cast my eyes toward the others. Everyone generally hides their opinion and feelings very well except for Genesis whose face briefly shows her disapproval before she covers it with that sweet innocent expression. Now I have to see more of Jessica Rabbit! I have the feeling that Caspian just wants to be rid of the both of them. Caspian lifts me up like I weight nothing when he gets up from the chair. She so gets me!

One of the elevator doors slides open before I get to answer her. Caspian ushers me inside with him while Jonah, Jorden, Darius, and Penny trail in behind us. Just before the door closes, Helen steps in. I glimpse Lord Archer still talking to Lazarus and Constantine while waiting for the next carriage to arrive. Serena and Genesis stay with their mates. The whole hotel is practically empty if not for us and a few of the hotel employees. Two people are sharing one level and Jorden and Jonah stop on the second floor.

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She just stands in a corner watching the digital floor numbers going up while Penny stands next to me, watching her with narrowed eyes. You never have to guess whether she likes you or not. I try to ignore the woman. She makes my chest burns. My newly awakened sense or lycan wants to come out and claw her eyes out.

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Penny shoots me another look before she steps off with Darius on the third floor. Helen gets off on the fourth floor. I surprised myself when I let out a low growl just before the door closes. I stare at him with narrowed eyes. Since when? He barely moves. He takes a few steps back and runs his fingers through his perfect hair, messing it all up.

He looks very upset and very reluctant to utter the next word. I knew that already but my heart constricts painfully to hear him actually admit it. My lycan wants to get out and tear everything around us to pieces. I must be a masochist. The worst kind. Can we please not talk about this anymore? His golden hair is all messy now. So, can we just not talk about the past and concentrate on the future instead? I promise you, I want no one else but you. I put my hands on my hips and stare up at him. Besides, it happened before we met.

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Still, it hurts. Suddenly I find myself thinking of Trey, my ex-boyfriend and two other human guys, Ben and Liam who I went out with after Trey found his mate. I truly believed I had feelings for them. Ben was my rebound to get over Trey and Liam was my rebound to get over Ben. I start pulling out a couple of duffel bags from inside the closet. They look too nice and too expensive to be mine. I need my raggedy old bag. I go to the bathroom and start gathering the shampoo, the conditioner, and the shower gel that I used this morning. I like their smell. They smell like freaking vanilla and fvcking rainbow and unicorn sh!

I feel like swearing so much I doubt my goddamn swear jar could handle all the money I need to put in it. I duck underneath his arm and once again standing by the bed. These things are nice but I still need my old bag. Or is it about your ex-boyfriends?

source site Oh, god! Why are we even talking about my ex-boyfriends now? My prince. I suddenly feel like a trapped beast, wanting to hurt something or somebody. He only stares at me, the glint in his eyes is defying what I just said. I need to get out of here He freezes at my words. A look of hurt flashes in his features. But then the wounded look is gone. His eyes glitter underneath his golden eyelashes. He looks cold and distant. The words died on my tongue. This is why I have to get away from here now.

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I might not be able to hurt him physically but words could hurt just as badly. I take the stairs to the roof, which is just a couple of levels up. I stand on the ledge. For a second or two, I contemplate running off into the woods. I imagine surviving on wild berries and hunt rabbits for dinner.